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Strut Insert for 200 TQ

I've had a loud squeek in the rear of my 1990 200 TQ for the past
several months.  I suspected it was strut related, so I called several
vendors and found one that would sell me Boge strut inserts for $74.95
each.  This didn't seem like a bad price so I ordered them.
Unfortunately this afternoon when I tried to install them, I find 
that they are slightly different than the OEMs in the car.  The new
ones, Boge part number 32115F are about 1/2 inch shorter, have a longer
reduced diameter portion of the shaft, and the threaded portion of the
shaft is apporximately 0.07 inches greater in diameter.  This means that
to use them, assuming the length won't be a problem, I would need to
drill out the washer, the cap, and the spacer.  I would probably need to
use a longer spacer also.  My question is, has anyone replaced the rear
strut inserts and should there be a kit included that replaces the
washer, spacer, etc.? On the positive side, I did seem to get rid of the
squeek by cleaning everything, but the inserts are definitely weak.  

I do remember reading somewhere in the archives that there are not any
gas inserts available for the rear of the 200 TQ.  These inserts are
gas.  The vendor,however, says that the 32115F is the replacement for
the Audi part No. 443 513 031B and that they fit the 1990 200 TQ.  My
catalog from IPC says that I need Audi part No. 443 513 031L.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?  Should I drill out the parts and
try the new inserts?  Also I apologize if the line spacing is all messed
up on this message.  I
just set up an Internet account at home and haven't fully configured the