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RE: 5-speed A4 1.8TQ

I'm 6'1" and I really have no problem seeing the gauges in my A4q (2.8).  
Maybe the sport seats have a little more under leg cushioning, so you sit a 
tad higher than the standard seats (cloth or leather)?  That may be the 
Jon Linkov

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> > * I am only 5'11, and yet I can't adjust the steering wheel high
> > enough for me to see all the gauges clearly.  German engineering?
> Sorry if I'm stating the obvious, BUT... have you lowered the seat?
> And can pulling the wheel towards or away from you (probably
> away) make it better? I too am 5'11" plus a bit, and have no problem
> seeing the gauges.

The seat is as low as it will go.  Since my head isn't bumping
up against the roof, I am just a little surprised that I have to duck
to see the top of the gauges.  Maybe you drive in a more laid-back 
position than I do?  I could lean the chair back a little more, but 
my little one in the back probably won't like that...