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Re: UFO Brakes

I have UFOs. They do brake better than the regular non-UFOs, but many
people have problems with them warping, including myself. Others like
them, and havenít had any trouble (getting up to 100k+ miles out of a
set of rotors) My rotors have 35k on them and are already warped (but I
seem to go through rotors as fast as pads) Iíve not personally had the
car on a track yet, but others have reported fading problems after a few
hot laps with the UFOs. They do seem to have superior stopping power
over the *stock* 200 brakes in average driving (where operating temps
are decidedly lower). My father has a 91 200q with the retro kit,
cross-drilled rotors, and cool carbon pads and the car feels like it
stops at least as well as my UFOs.

Iíve recently done some inquiring (Thanks much to all who responded to
my original post), and for those out there with UFOs, TAP will soon be
offering (in the next month or so) a brake upgrade to the UFOs that uses
the UFO suspension pieces (You do NOT have to retrofit the regular 200q
front suspension). 

This is what I gathered from my conversation with Ivor last week:

The price is yet to be determined, but he indicated it might be around
$1200. He wants to keep the price as low as possible, so the calipers
will probably be a two-pot design, although he is looking into four
piston design, too. He currently is in the testing phase, trying to rack
up some hard miles before making any official offerings.  

He hopes to be able to have it ready to offer in a month, though it may
be longer.

Hope this helps, FWIW

91 200q - warped UFOs
86 5ktq - no such problemo