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Brushed Aluminum Interior Bits

	Have you ever noticed in a Porsche 911 some of the optional aluminum
interior pieces. I've seen a shiftknob with aluminum gearmap and partial
aluminum shiftknob as well as partial aluminum handbrake handle. Personally
I think it looks 100 times better than Carbon Fiber. The only problem with
the Porsche stuff is that the gearmaps don't match my car and even if they
did the knob alone (partial aluminum one) costs $600. 
	I've been thinking though. I have a buddy who was in my fraternity whose
family business is forging and casting metals, among them aluminum. Does
anyone have any experiences with this? I am thinking about calling him for
this reason. While I am no engineer or have no talent as far as designing a
mould, a great way to start would be prying the plastic cap off of the top
of my shifter knob in my Jetta (anyone know how it is attached) and using
it as a model for the mould. If I could cast an aluminum piece the same
size and shape (off the Jetta the gearmap is engraved) and finish it with a
brushed surface, adding it to the knob would give a great look. 
	What I am looking for here is feasibility before I call my buddy and get
him to laugh at my request. Does anyone know what kind of problems I may
run into here? 
	'93 Corrado VR6
	'94 Jetta VR6