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RE: In search of high miles

At 01:30 AM 04/13/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I have a 93 100S with 108,000 miles on it. Does anyone else have one of
>the newer 100/A6 or the 2.8L V6 with higher miles on it? I think Jim
>Griffin is getting up there. Right, Jim?
>Seung Lee
>93 100S 
>Lanham, Md

Yep, it's getting up there. Neck and neck with you... I have a little over
106k miles at this point...

Of course, it feels like it is just being broken in... but I'm sure that is
no surprise to anyone on this list!!

Here's to another 106k (and more) miles!!

                             Jim Griffin
                        Maryland, USA
   "Perception is often stronger than reality!"
                               '92 100S