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Re: A4 Super Car

Sorry to have messed up the thread and all but I'm not on the list, just
monitoring the archives:

To the money-is-no-object guy:  I just wouldn't see myself being happy
with a super-tweaked 1.8 liter.  I know the 2.8 V-6 is underpowered and
all but  I have got to believe that it has much more potential for
robust performance at the 300hp+ range (Visualize the 5 valve

While the 1.8 may be the engine-of-choice in fuel-expensive Europe,
and appears to be technically superior to the 2.8 V6, here in America,
it just won't do for hi-performance applications.  Besides, I get the
impression from driving my car (94 90csq 2.8v6) that the engine is
amazingly well balanced and tough and is capable of sustaining
substantial increases in power and torque. Probably much more so than
the BMW inline-6.

My chief question these days is: what would it take to replace the two
valve head with the 5 valve head?  When BMW upgraded the 2.5 liter to
the new 2.8, the press included alot of tech info regarding the upgrade.
What about audi?  What mods are being included in the 5 valve other than
a new head?

Other major question: what about the gear shifting?  Haven't driven an
A4 yet but I'm not very happy with my ability to shift gears quickly on
my 90. Haven't peeked yet, but I suspect cable-linkage.  Does the A4
improve the shifting (e.g., direct-linkage?) I think this is a very
important aspect for performance.