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Re: RS2 impressions

After Dave Eaton's rave review of the RS2 Avant, Greg Spark wrote:

>Is this car going to be a collectible, and if so when will its value drop
>to a level that makes its purchase a good investment in automotive terms??

IMO it's an all-time classic Audi, and it will surely become a collectible.
The small numbers made will ensure that. Prices are still going down at the
moment though.

>Thers's one here in NZ 4 sale at NZ$110000 - I think this might have been
>the one Dave drove (?) (NZ$=$US*1.4)

They rarely come up for sale here in Holland- I think there are about five
in the country, but I've yet to see one on Dutch plates. In German
magazines these usually go for about 65k DM. Hmmm... time to enter the

>There's NO doubt its a superb never-to-be repeated vehicle and if Dave's
>comments are anything to go by, is the ultimate application of the classic
>I5 turbo - this fact alone may make it collectible. Against this is the
>fact that its an aftermarket (albeit by Porsche) mod of an existing
>model (80 Avant) rather than a unique car in its own right.

Aftermarket? If so, the S1 is also aftermarket! I have an original RS2
Avant brochure from Audi. Drooled on regularly- this is my dream Audi
(preferably sharing a garage with an UrQ).

>Is this car destined for cult status??

You betcha! But classic status for Audis doesn't come that quickly IMO- the
UrQ's prices have only been on the up (if slowly) for a few years here...


PS There's a wonderful-looking '87 Coupe GT running around here with a 'for
sale' sign. Black metallic paint, black interior, slightly lowered, 5-spoke
alloys. Hmmm...

 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands

           "The prince wants your daughter for his wife."
              "Well, tell him his wife can't have her."
                                         -- Blackadder III