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Re: rear fog lamp needed

At 12:19 PM 4/14/97 -0700, Rick H. Louie wrote:
>Was this an option that I had to add to the car or is it a part of the
>rear light cluster, because I could never see anything that resembled a
>fog light and the only lights that came on were my tail, brake, and
>reverse lights.


On my '90, the OE fog light switch in the dash controls the rear fogs (I
believe both are active...on some cars, only one side is enabled). If your
switch doesn't light anything up, you may have a bad bulb or two...I don't
believe the '89s are different than the '90s, but ICBW.

The fogs are part of the lamp cluster.

BTW, in some parts of Europe, rear fog(s) are required.

Of course, in the US, you have to explain to REO Dimbulb that yes, they are
legal. I had one such conversation, which ended with "Well, in *my* town,
they're not legal. Turn them off."

"Yes officer, of course, officer."


"Goodbye officer"




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