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Re: In search of high miles!! -Reply

> From: Jim & Bev <jazman@accunet.net>
> Gross Scruggs wrote:
> > 
> > Re: Low miles... my recently purchased '87 5kCSQ has 78kmi. 
> So these are not original, one-owner miles???
> How do you know that the odometer hasn't been changed?

It does not seem to me that  one-owner car has to always have an odometer that has not
been 'adjusted'. Also, such a  car  could be driven for a long time with the odometer
disconnected. Moreover, in this country (Canada) looks like that one-owner situation is
ideal for the odometer 'adjustment'. If the car changes the owners frequently, the
mileage has to be reported by a new  owner  to the Ministry of Transportation (through
the license application or Safety Check). In that case, it seems to be pretty risky to
buy a car, play with the odometer, and resale  it again.  However, if  the car had a long
term owner, there is almost no risk. He could easily drive the car several years with 
the odometer disconnected, or roll it back just prior the sale. 

If a brand new car is purchased,  there is no guarantee that car has not been driven from
day one with the odometer unplugged most of the time, and connected back from time to 
time just to 'make' some mileage for the regularly scheduled dealer services. Who can 
notice  (especially on an Audi), just looking at it,  is the real mileage  50 or 150K? 
I know that it is not so pleasant to drive without a speedometer, but one may decide to
do so,  just for all the  benefits that  future sale of  "An One-owner Low Mileage Car"

So, from this point of view,  I would rather  trust to the mileage reading of a
many-owners  car odometer, than  to a  single-owner vehicle miles  ( if I personally do
not  know him). 
 Am I wrong?

V. Jokic
St. Catharines

88 90Q  (4-th owner, 150K,  history unknown)