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Re: Tranny Blues.....4kQ 2

Kwattro@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 97-04-13 03:27:49 EDT, you write:
> Don't know about yours, but my 4000CS quattro tranny vibrates in 4th gear.
>  Nothing has ever gone bad, but it is kinda erie.  I have been told it's a
> bushing.  Anyone know or have this happen?  Only in 4th....

My '87 does the same thing. A terrific vibration, but _only if I pull
back on the shift lever_. That is, just driving along, it's fine. If I'm
between about 40 and 60 MPH (worse at higher speeds) and I pull the
lever more towards me (maybe 10 lbs force), a vibration comes from
nowhere and remains until I release the handle. I discovered this about
a week after I got the car (in June); it hasn't changed.

Perhaps your linkage is out of whack (GPR, $14/lb) or needs some

'87 4kq, 146k