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AoA UI videotape

A colleague saddled with the awful task of driving and reviewing new
cars (he raved about the A8 earlier this month, said it was the finest
luxocruiser he's ever driven) was cleaning out his desk the other day
and came across an Audi of America-produced 1987 video prepared for that
nasty old news media to rebut the unintended acceleration charges that
were flying hot and heavy at the time.  The tape is now in my

I have no particular need for the tape and would like to find it a good
home.  Without starting another Thread From Hell, if any of you are
planning an Audi owner-related funraiser or club event in which items
like this might be auctioned off or otherwise sold for a good cause,
lemme know.  Please reply directly.  Repeat: Please reply directly, and
I'll mail the tape to the q-lister who knows of or is planning an event
to which the tape could be put to good, perhaps charitable use.