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value of '84 4Kq?

Need some advice.  I will be looking at an '84 4Kq in Houston this weekend
(same car posted a few weeks ago on the list).  I have gotten some good
advice from Gary Erickson and Luis Marques, but I am selfish, so I want
more advice...  :-)

VIN WAUFBO858EA114380  (is 114380 a mid-'84 model year?  Jan-Feb time?)

The owner is asking $2500.  He bought the car new, in Houston.  It has
never been in an accident, no rust, ~115K miles.  It has a few door dings,
which I would expect for this age car.  Mostly original white paint,
although the hood was repainted, and the roof is somewhat worn due to the
brutal Texas sun and 13 years of buffing and polishing.  The interior dash
has some small cracks, the brown cloth seats are in reasonable condition,
although the rear seat has some problem with the stitching (I think that
was the problem).

The sunroof has tracking problems (?), so it is disconnected.  Engine
runs fine, no known problems.  Had a clutch a few years ago (throwout
bearing died).  Front struts replaced 1.5 years ago, otherwise stock
suspension.  A/C runs good, diff locks work.  Was maintained by an Audi
mechanic for the past 8 years.  Alignment is good, car tracks straight.
Oil changed ~4K intervals with Castrol and factory filters.  Was a daily
driver for the fellow's wife (to her work).

Some other minor problems, like mis-aligned passenger side door handle/latch
(front door handles replaced recently), electrical tail-light problems,
...easily fixed stuff.

Based on the sunroof issue (how much could that cost?), and the interior
condition, plus the additional work it is likely to need (probably
new plug wires, dist. cap, some rubber suspension & drivetrain components,
oxygen sensor (how long does the 3-wire last?), I am thinking about $2K.

The problem is I don't have any idea what an "average" '84 4Kq is worth.
Kelly Blue Book lists $1400 selling, $3K buying...that helps a lot. :(  
I have a budget of $2700 for this car.  I want to give him a fair price,
but I also need to consider the cost of some of these repairs.

So, what do YOU consider a fair price?

'85 Coupe GT, still keeping her
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