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Re: A4 Super Car

        EIP Tuning,inc., Eldersburg, MD has been in the VW engine
modifications business for awhile. There is a nice list (14 items, very
impressive IMHO) of what's included in the kit for the 2.8, 12v.  See:

Their main page is:

I want to stress that Rich of EIP has promised to make a turbo for the 2.8,
30v, but research won't start until June (at least).  It shouldn't be too
hard, though, since the 2.8 turbo has been up and running.


>> EIP is planning to launch into a turbo system for the 2.8, 30v, in June or
>> so, I was told.  Rich (as would I) is figuring more of a HP increase for
>> the 30v 2.8 than for the 12v 2.8, which already gets a 200HP increase from
>> his system.
>Who is EIP?  I'm quite intrigued to hear what they've done to get 200 more
>HP from the 12v 2.8...
>Please do tell!
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