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Re: 5KT : Intermittent high idle

> On Apr 14, 11:42pm, Orin Eman wrote:
> > Subject: Re: 5KT : Intermittent high idle
> > > You can cut them open and touch up the connections with a soldering iron,
> > > but it is a big pain to get them open.  Thanks again to Scott Mockery who
> > > did mine.  I would not have used that kind of force!
> >
> > I don't recall opening mine requiring that much force... but anyway,
> > if it's broke, the worst that will happen is it will be more broke ;-).
> > I think I did break a plastic tab though.

> 	These are the microswitches operated by little "fingers"
> 	on the throttle body, right?  So these switches can
> 	actually be disassembled?

Oh, we were talking about the later design which has the switches encased
in a black plastic cover.  If you have the separate microswitches, you
just replace them.