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Re: 5KT : Intermittent high idle

> In message <199704150642.XAA24525@netcom21.netcom.com> orin@netcom.com (Orin Eman) writes:

> > (BTW eventually, the idle screw can fall out causing a fair sized vacuum
> > leak and you may have problems starting.)

> And a fierce whistle, especially if it happens at speed.

> > For those that don't want to measure the current to the ISV, set the idle
> > RPM to spec (800 on the 5000 CSQ) with a decent tach (not the dash tach)
> > (AC and all electrical consumers off) and you'll be pretty close.
> > I found that at the correct ISV current, I got the correct RPM.  Of course,
> > if your ISV is in need of cleaning, I doubt this would be the case.

> I think it also assumes constant mixture.  If the air mass sensor has been 
> tampered with, it may prove impossible to set current and RPM without adjusting 
> the mixture.

It would require the mixture to be correct... not a problem on O2 sensor
equipped cars (like mine) which will control the mixture at idle.