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RE: de plane, de plane

Your speeding ticket must have TWO signatures on it. One from the cop in
the plane the other from the cop writing you up - unless the law has
changed recently.
Anton J. Gaidos, III
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>Sent: 	Tuesday, April 15, 1997 10:47 AM
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>Subject: 	de plane, de plane
>Wondered if anyone had any words of wisdom on fighting
>a CHP airplane speeding ticket.  Anybody know exactly
>how they calculate your speed?  I would imagine they
>have to pace you in the plane given that calculating
>your progress against fixed objects is considered a
>speed trap.  One thing going for me is that both cops
>have to show up at court.
>Any info would be greatly appreciated as  I am going
>to court tomorrow.
>p.s. Mandatory Audi content: The chipee wanted to know if I had
>ever gotten my 90q20v up to 160mph(he looked at the speedo). I
>just grinned at him and said "pretty damn close."