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Re: verifying miles

Wendell_Gurley@notes.toyota.com wrote:

> There is a company called Carfax that will verify whether a car has had
> flood damage, salvaged title, or odometer rollback, disconnection.  They do
> this for 1981 and newer vehicles.  A car dealer can run the report for you,
> or you may be able to have them run you one directly:  www.carfaxreport.com
> or (703)934-2664.  They charge subscribing dealers a few bucks for each

Semi-Audi related content:

On their Horror Stories page ( http://www.carfaxreport.com/horror.htm )
they tell about a 1991 200 Quattro that had a VIN that described the car
as a wagon.

I'm not so sure this is a case of swapped VIN's since the VIN that Eric
Fluhr (for a 1984 4kq) posted earlier today says that it's really an
'83-88 5k.  (according to the VIN interpreter posted on the WWW)  And I
seem to recall seeing this on another Audi at some point.  Were they
just not very careful about using the right designators or ??



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