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Rear Fog Lights

My '89 90 (SF Bay Area) has rear fogs and the center dash switch.  They   
operate two rear fog lights located inboard of the brake/turn lights and   
just outside of the license plate well.  As seems to be the case with a   
lot of Audi electricals, when I got my car 5 months ago, one lamp was   
burned out.  The rear fogs only work when the front fogs are on also.   
 The front fogs automatically come on when the rear fogs are activated.

More than anything, they make pretty decent backup lights.

'89 90 (110k)

>Speaking of rear fogs, were they standard equipment on US models?  I've
>got the dash switch on my '89, but I don't see what if anything should   
>lighting up back there.  Where are the fog lights located?

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Lynn Smith
'84 4kq
'89 200qw