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wheel bearing ??? Or steering system ?

I've got a little more info on my "road noise" puzzle.
Changed to summer tires.  The noise is still there (a little less loud
than the snows - but the symptoms are the same as before).

While driving (anywhere between 30 kph to 90 kph ie: kilometer), a
slight steer to the right will make the noise louder.  Left steer does
not increase or decrease the noise.

Steering left or right at idle does not make any noise.

Also, the noise is quite apparent when I am just coasting toward low
city driving speed, either in gear or not.

The mechanic who put the tires on for me did rotate the wheels to check
for bearing problem.  He said he did not hear anything unusual.  How are
you suppose to check for wheel bearing problem ?

Could it be the power steering system ? (No noise while turning both
left and right at idle.)

Can anyone help ?

'90 90q20v