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RE: $4 for sale

The reality of the S4/6 here in the Minneapolis/St Paul area is none of the 
cars that have come to market within the last 7 months has been a quick 
sale.  Carousel Auto had 2 S6s, one black/black w/8k miles and it sat on 
their lot for over 6 weeks and also a cashmere/black with 17k miles that 
sat on the lot for almost 3 months!  The Emerald/Ecru at Sears Auto Darin 
referred to in an earlier thread has been sold for 3 weeks, although Darin 
was correct, it had been on the lot since last October.

The bottom line; the only people I have found that say S4/6s sell in one 
day in the car salespeople at the dealerships.  These cars, like ur-qs, as 
much as I love them, are weird cars that few people have any idea what the 
are.  Also, as evidenced by market forces, most people that want a 
performance sedan want automatics, not manuals.  The S4/6, IMHO, is 
destined to  soon loose the higher resale value it has recently commanded. 

This is not meant a flame mail to S4/6 owners as I have contemplated 
purchasing one of these
for some months now.  I ended up buying a 93 968 instead.  I felt the 
Porsche would provide more thrills for the buck.

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> >This may be wrong but it is my opinion that they are asking waaay too 
> >for it.......
> >
> >  Asking $28,900 for it.
> >>They said it is the first S4/6 that hasn't sold in one day.
> Where are you from?  That's a good deal on a '94 S4 in my part of
> the country (Minneapolis vicinity).  Heck, 93's are selling for
> that much!  ;)
> Darin

Why is it that every other Audi has depreciated nicely for us used
car buyers, but the S4 remains high?

87 Coupe GT