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ND car show/sale

Tim owns an A4 and is probably leaning towards doing more Audi
stuff.  If you are in the area, stop by and support them.

| Dan |
From: Tim at ND <turbotim@newdimensions.com>
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Subject: ND Show on May 18th in N. California
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 1997 16:04:02 -0700
Organization: New Dimensions Ltd.
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5th Annual New Dimensions Charity Car Show 

see our web site http://www.newdimensions.com/ND_Events.html#Carshow
or read about it below

The event is will be held in: Santa Clara-San Jose, CA, USA on Sunday
May  18th 1997 starting 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.  

Event Description:  

     5th annual ND Charity Car Show  for water-cooled Volkswagens and
Audis only. Refreshments and $1000 of prizes. Admission is 3 cans of
food or $3 per family for entry. If you want to show your car the cost
is $20 per spot in advance. See one of the largest and best equipped
independent Volkswagen service centers in the country. Volkswagen and
Bosch trained technicians will be available for questions and advice. 
Call 408-980-1691 ext. 8202 or fax 408-980-1697 for car show application
or any other information. New Dimensions 2240 De La Cruz Blvd. Santa
Clara,Ca. 95050  

     All food and donations goes to the Second Harvest Food Bank.  

HUGE one day sale also  

     Huge once a year savings on hundreds of items. All parts and
accessories will be drastically reduced. Many items will be sold below
cost to clear out our parts department of used, obsolete and slightly
damage items. No special orders, phone orders or early sales please.
Terms: Cash, Visa, MC, Discover, checks w/ ID.  
     You have to be here to get the deals - no exceptions! 

Hotels in the area. 
     1) Days Inn  859 El Camino Real    (408)   244-2840 
     2) Co-z 8  Executive Inn   2505 The Alameda    (408) 244-1040 They
have nice indoor security camera covered parking. 
     3) We are 5 minutes from tons of other Hotels.  Our location is
next to the San Jose airport