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S4 worth$?

Wanna be buyers,

They will get that $28.9k   We are talking Fairfield county Connecticut.  More
money than sense in many cases.  You wouldn't believe how many 993tts I see
around here.  E320s are the cars for the baby sitter.  Range Rovers abound.  S
class Mercedes?  So what! BMW 750ils for the commuter car. Get the idea?  I
don't resemble the above by the way.  I'm a poor working stiff.

Now of course few know what an S4/6 is.  An A6 with nice wheels is all it looks
like.  Well, to the average person cruising lots.  Someone will spot it I'm

BTW, Paul Newman lives in town.  He has a fine new toy.  A subtle grey with
tinted windows supercharged 5.0 Ford in a Volvo 740 wagon.  If it weren't for
the exhaust note you'd never know. Built by a Nascar Cup mechanic.  Nice

I saw a blip on ESPN2 where he tried an Outlaw car on a dirt track.  Fully
crossed up and all.   Back in the pits, pulling off the gloves he commented on
how much work that was, he is 72 I believe.  With an absolute dead pan face he
mumbled, "boy if I were 70 I would have been flying".  Then, still with the
serious dead pan look he turned and walked away while the crew fell over
laughing.  Cracked me up.

I've met and photographed him, on and off the track.  A real car guy.