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5000 Turbo Quattro


I  am purchasing an amazing 5KTQ -- and I was wondering if a few owners of
these cars can tell me what their experience has been..

I drove the car last week -- it os amazing, but I did expect a little
'boost' on the turbo -- it was less prominent than I expected .

It was a consistent boost rather than sudden at 3-4 rpm..  Is this unusual?

I currently own a 4KQ -- and I've put a bunch of money into upgrading the
car: new exhaust, BOGE Turbo Gas shocks, new springs, all new control arms,
CV joints, bearings -- absolutely everything.. The car is mechanically
solid -- this is a partial list.  But my car (4KQ) -- handles real tight..
The outside needs some work -- mainly paint..

Anyway -- 5KTQ owners -- go to town -- tell me your trials, triumphs,
downfalls -- everything..

I need to know from the Quattro net if I am making the right decision