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Re: quattro-digest V4 #612

I'd really like to put this thread to bed, but just to have  the hopefully
last word, the officer will never ask him anything under oath, nor anyone
else, if he merely does not testify.
	Usually not a good idea to testify anyway.

			Kevin Barry
			Jesus is returning!
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On Wed, 16 Apr 1997, Don Pavlik wrote:

> >Date: Tue, 15 Apr 1997 22:27:48 -0400
> >From: Lee Levitt <wheelman@shore.net>
> >Subject: Re: de plane de plane, de big mouth!
> >
> >At 09:06 PM 4/15/97 -0400, Kevin Barry wrote:
> >>What is this take the fifth garbage.
> >>You are only forced to do that when you are on the stand.
> >
> >And that's what I was talking about. The man told the cop he had driven his
> >car very fast. Was this a good idea? No. When he goes to court, the officer
> >will ask him if he had said this. Should he tell the judge, under oath,
> >that he had told the cop he drives *very* fast? I don't think so.
> Coulda be haulin' it on a race track somewhere, no?
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