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Arresting Dialog, kinda long (was de plane...)

The following is an actual, word-for-word dialog between myself and
officer who clocked me on a moving, approaching police car radar at 55mph
in a 35mph zone.

(Police car approaches Audi driver from opposite direction, passes, then
slams on brakes, hangs a u-turn, lights up every light known to man,
sounds the siren and brings another hardened, wild-eyed criminal to

Scowling Officer approaches mild-mannered Audi operator who is seated in
car recovering from shock.  Officer is in basic black uniform with white
plastic helmet, garnished in buttons, badges, chromed weaponry,
handcuffs, and looks much like an animated, fully-opened Swiss Army
Knife. )

Officer Belligerent:  "Do you know how fast you were going???"
Mild-Mannered Audi Operator:  "Yes."
OB:  "Well...."
MMAO:  "Well what?"
OB:  "Well how fast do you think you were going?"
MMAO:  "I was going 33 mph."
OB:  "Are you sure?  How do you know that... (sputter, sputter) Did you
look at your speedometer or something?"
MMAO:  "That would be the only way I would know, wouldn't it..."
OB:  "Well I disagree!"
MMAO:  "I'm sure you do, officer, otherwise we wouldn't be having this
OB:  " Let me see your license and registration."
MMAO: ( hands OB papers)
OB:  "This your current address?"
MMAO:  "Yes."
OB:  (grunt...)  "I want to see your Proof of Insurance."
MMAO: "OK."  (hands  card to OB)
OB:  "(grunt... hands back papers)  OK. I'm writing you a ticket for
going 43mph in a 35mph zone, although I actually had you at 55mph.
MMAO:  "Thank you, officer."

When the  actual court appearance came up, I was prepared to move for
dismissal, as under the particular set of circumstances, the use of radar
to enforce the speed limit WAS ILLEGAL  (California Motor Vehicle Code. 
i.e., street was multiple lane, wider than 32 feet, no recent traffic
survey, etc., etc.)
Wasn't necessary to make the motion.  Judge dismissed the case because
the officer did not appear in court.

Moral and Worthless Free Advice:  Don't volunteer ANYTHING and don't
outright lie.  Don't wiseoff, but don't be intimidated either.  Don't
guess what the law is; find out before you show up in a court, preferably
from an attorney.  (I'm not one!). If you can afford the time, show up
for your day in court.  You have nothing to lose because often the
officer will fail to appear if it's a trivial case.  Don't make up a
story for the judge... he or she has heard them all.  And, above all,
remember that police officers are human beings, have fights with their
wives, get mad at their bosses, get shot at, and, like the rest of us,
every so often can have a bad day.

And Hell, some of them might even drive Audis.

my 2 cents worth.

Al Gressler
91 90q20v  (wife's, but I get to listen the "funny noise" coming from the