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Letter to QCUSA...

The following is the complete text of a letter I sent to Scott Thiss,
President of QCUSA, earlier today ... I believe it's self-explanatory and I
encourage anyone else who shares my concerns to send a letter to QCUSA as
well.  I'm baaccckkkk...  ;^)

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April 16, 1997

Mr. Scott Thiss
Quattro Club USA
7700 Quattro Drive
Chanhassen, Minnesota  55317

Dear Mr. Thiss:

It has been seven months since you responded to my letter of August 2, 1996
(copy enclosed) regard-
ing my concerns about how the Quattro Club was/is being run.  In your
letter, you indicated that
the issues I had brought up would be discussed by the Board of Directors and
I would like an update
as to what conclusions, if any, have been reached as a result of these

As you will recall, my concerns focused on three areas: 1) the club's
election procedures; 2) the club's
past and continuing failure to provide its members with adequate financial
disclosure about its activi-
ties; and 3) the Bylaws that govern the club's operation.

In addition, I would still like to review a copy of the Bylaws that were in
effect at the time the Board
revised (devised?) the club's election procedures in order to determine the
propriety of this action as
well as a copy of the proposed revision to the Bylaws that Susan Anderson
told me was in the pro-
cess of being drafted during my telephone conversation with her in July of 1996.

Also, I would like to discuss whether there is some alternative method by
which the club's financial
books and records can be made available for review without my having to
travel all the way to Min-
nesota in order to inspect them personally.  For instance, since I'm hoping
to attend the QCUSA
event at the Stapleton airport in May and/or the Virginia City hillclimb in
June, perhaps arrange-
ments could be made to have everything available for inspection at one of
the event sites?  In fact,
considering that a majority of the club's membership lives some distance
from the club's headquar-
ters, perhaps this is something that could be implemented for every club
event where a Board mem-
ber or other representative of the national office will be present to
oversee the process?

Page Two
April 16, 1997

If you or any other members of the Board would like to discuss the items
I've addressed above with
me directly rather than take the time to write a letter, I can be reached at
(602) 222-4771 during
normal business hours and at either (602) 860-2729 or (602) 906-3003 during
the evening and on
weekends.  If it's more convenient, I can also be reached via E-mail at


Jeffrey Goggin
Member No. 2072

P.S.:  Although it might appear to some that I'm simply "itching for a
fight," let me assure you that
my intentions here are honorable and motivated by nothing more sinister than
a desire to see the
Quattro Club USA continue to grow and prosper while serving the interests of
all its members in a
responsible and democratic manner.
     _                _
    / |      _| o    | \       _| o     Jeffrey Goggin
   /__| | | / | | __ |  | | | / | |     audidudi@delphi.com
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