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RE: '90 Coupe - front end tremors

Strut bearings?

On a separate note, what offset are your Borbets, and what size are your
SP8Ks? How much clearance do you have with the Eibachs? My CQ got hit
recently, and as part of the repair I was able to upgrade to new 16x7.5
ET35 Dial Elysees with 225/50-ZR16 D40M2s. The wheels are not
symmetrical WRT the front fenders, and the right tire rubs the fender. A
bodyshop recommended by Chris Semple is getting it to look at next week.

-Ian Duff.
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>Subject:	'90 Coupe - front end tremors
>[Duff, Ian]  <<snippage>> 
>	For about 10,000 miles the car has had a shimmy in the wheel when I hit a
>bump going around a left hand corner. Now, unrelated or not, I don't know,
>the whole front end feels loose, there is noticeable vibrationthrough the
>wheel and chassis at all times but more noticeable above 40mph. I have ruled
>out tires/wheels b/c I just installed a set of 16" Borbets with Sport 8000s
>as a summer set and the vibration is the same as the factory wheel/tire
>setup. I have also taken the car to two different shops, one german car
>specialists (mercedes, actually) and a local tire/suspension/brake place.
>[Duff, Ian]  <<more snippage>> 
>What could this be? The car has 81K on it, I had Eibach springs and Boge
>Turbo gas shocks/ strut bushings put on about 7k  miles ago, other than that
>the suspension is untouched. car has never been in an accident or had
>anything changed/modified other than what I just mentioned.