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Wanted: Bald 195-50-15

     Hey gang,
     I wonder if anyone can help me with a weird request.  I am looking for 
     a very used tire, size 195-50-15, any brand, any model.  As long as 
     it's not worn through to the belts, and it holds air, I could use it.  
     I want to use it only as a spare tire.
     If any of you have one that you want to get rid of, I would pay you to 
     ship it to me.  I am located near Philadelphia.
     If anyone wants to suggest I see a VW group, that's probably a good 
     idea.  I have sent a message to rec.autos.vws.watercoooled, and no one 
     could help me.  Any other groups I should contact?
     Thanks in advance for any help...