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RE: Fuel Pump

I had a Volvo 245 that exhibited similar symptoms.  It turned out to be a
deteriorated fuel hose running from the outlet side of the pump to the banjo
fitting on the tank inspection cover.  

Check to see that the tank is properly vented.  Open the gas cap when it
stalls.  If it starts again, you have a venting problem.

You can probably determine the condition of the hose by a visual inspection. 
Get the tank as empty as you can.  Look under the carpet in the trunk, locate
the inspection cover, remove the hoses and connector and back off the locking
ring using the special tool or a BRASS drift (NO SPARKS ALLOWED!!!).  Liberal
use of WD40 is recommended.

The pump sits in a triangular isolation mount in the tank.  There is a rubber
donut on each corner of the mount.  Those donuts eventually get mushy and
dissolve.  They are easily replaced and pretty cheap.  A plastic locking tab
holds the assembly in place. Pull a tab back, work the assembly up, pull
another tab back, pull the assembly up a little more. Keep working it until
the assembly comes loose.  The whole pump assembly can then be removed from
the tank and inspected.  Replace the plastic supply hose as long as your in
there.  30-45 minute job.