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Arresting Dialog

Al Gressler wrote:
> Wasn't necessary to make the motion.  Judge dismissed the case because
> the officer did not appear in court.

Good for you but you may have had a little luck on your side.
> Moral and Worthless Free Advice:  Don't volunteer ANYTHING and don't
> outright lie.  Don't wiseoff, but don't be intimidated either.  Don't
> guess what the law is; find out before you show up in a court, preferably
> from an attorney.  (I'm not one!). If you can afford the time, show up
> for your day in court.

Good advice.

> You have nothing to lose because often the
> officer will fail to appear if it's a trivial case. 

Hopefully for you!!
 								        > Don't make up a
> story for the judge... he or she has heard them all.  

More good advice.  Same goes for stories to cops.

> And, above all,
> remember that police officers are human beings, have fights with their
> wives, get mad at their bosses, get shot at, and, like the rest of us,
> every so often can have a bad day.

Thank you for your consideration.  Everyone has bad days-I feel bad for
those who have encountered police with bad attitudes or get you with
lecture sessions-it ain't right-I know I wouldn't like it done to me. 
The worst thing this does is sour general attitudes toward police and
some more should realize it.  
> And Hell, some of them might even drive Audis.

1988 90Q and absolutely love it!
> my 2 cents worth.
> Al Gressler
> 91 90q20v  (wife's, but I get to listen the "funny noise" coming from the
> hood)
P.S.  I'm not offering any advice on the ticket because I'm not familiar
with Ca. law.  I did like the comment about the track, just because you
said "pretty d*mn close" doesn't mean you were on a public highway,

Steve Adams
Long Beach Twp. Police, N.J.