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my idle story

Thanks to your help cleaning my ISV on my 5000 turbo, I wanted to pass on 
another tip I found out while checking over my engine.

I never knew of the little gem called the "Throttle Position Sensor" 
(TPS).  It's in front of the intake (turbo in my case).  It's supposed to 
move freely and "snap back" if you move the lever which is tension-spring 
mounted.  It's connected to the throttle and transmits the throttle 
position to the computer.  Mine was jammed stuck with dirt and grease
on the outside, so that the 
spring wouldn't move.  Some WD40 and minutes later it was shiny and packs 
quite a whallup when it snaps back.  It made an immediate difference on 
my idle and my fuel economy when combined with the cleaned-out ISV.

Next is to have the air/fuel mixture adjusted, fix a poor connection on 
the temperature sensor, fix a pinhole in the muffler, and reset the CO2.  As 
usual, it's the little things that KILL my car's performance.  :-)

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