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Re: How about rear fogs for Coupe GT?

Huw Powell writes:
>As I understand it, at least one is set up as a rear fog light on some
>coupes.  Which ones?  Who knows.  I have two (or three?) reflector bars now
>and I'm considering drilling a hole in the rear of one of those "almost lamp
>housings" to see if there is reflective material (silvering) in there.  If
>so, it should be easy to drill and Dremel a socket for some OEM bayonet or
>snap mount light socket.  Anybody else out there know about this stuff?

I have mine connected to my brake lights, following the advice of Jesse
Almero, a Coupe GT lister in Torrence, CA.   (Haven't seen him post to
the list recently, is he still here?)

His cousin wrote up a full procedure, which I may still have archived on
my machine at home.  If so, I'll post it to the list (if anyone is 
interested) and I'll add it to the tips section of my Coupe specs page.

(BTW, if anyone has a tech procedure for a Coupe, send it to me so I can
add it to my page.   http://www.igdc.com/ejfluhr/audi/coupes.html)

Basically, it is really easy.  You have to remove the crossbar, cut off
the reflector sections (careful, you need to glue them back on), and paint
them silver (or some reflective color).  Then you have to clean the silver
paint off of the red "see-thru" section of the crossbar.  Drill/dremel a
hole in the reflectors for bulbs, wire them up, and glue it all back into
place.  The hardest part is removing the silver paint from the light housing.
Otherwise, it is a pretty simple job.

Two extra brake lights looks pretty cool, too.   :-)

'85 Coupe GT, no doubts when I'm stoppin'
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