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S4,searching idle, loss of power

Hi everyone...

I've valiantly searched the archives on this issue, to no avail.  I know the
answer must be there, but I can't find it!

So...here goes!

Beloved Audi 93 S4 runs great 99% of the time, but on occasion will begin an
annoying "searching idle".  Rpm's will vary between appx. 800- 2100.  Check 
engine light will also come on, but will extinguish and run normally after 
you shut the ignition down and re-start.

That is until today, I took the S4 to the dealer yesterday, mentioned the 
searching idle, (of course it would not do it there).  They dropped the error
codes and said that there were none!  Today, it won't NOT do the searching
idle.  Everytime I start the car, it begins immediately and the check engine 
light comes on.  There is also a definite loss of power upon acceleration,
especially when you reach about 4000 rpm's, it's as if the timing is being 
retarded by the computer.

Car has 41,000 miles, all normal services.  ISV replaced at 31,000 under 
warranty.   The beast went out of warranty YESTERDAY which was the only reason
I would even have considered being near the dealer!

Gas was 93 Octane and from a known source.

Any ideas?  How do I drop the codes? I can't get into Eurosport until Tuesday
at the earliest and the car is barely drivable!

Thanks in advance!   HELP!!! he cried desperately!

Geoff Jones
Amherst, NH
'82 Ur-Q USA (c)
'93 S4