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Re: Mad at me?

On Apr 17, 11:04am, Neil Swanson wrote:

> here for over 40 years, born here as was Dan Masi.

OK, actually, I was born in NYC, came to CT two days later...

> Ok so I made kind of a blanket statement about "more money than
> sense".  If you resemble that remark and took offense I'm sorry.

Aw, just toying with you, Neil. I've got a lot more sense than
money, which should give you an idea of exactly how little money
I have...

> But I gotta say you know what I mean.  Come on, new Jag XJ8s for
> the wife to get her hair done?

Awful choice for a coiffeur appointment, roof line too low.
For a really fine hair appointment, you'll want to lease a Silver
Cloud. That's what Mummy always did...  :-)

> I moonlight at a local camera shop.  The labs guys processed some
> film of a 20 or so year olds birthday party.  Ya know what he got?
> A NEW Mercedes SLK!

Yeah, but is he truly happy?

> So again, Doug, Dan I'm sorry.   You guys wanna have dinner?

With someone who "moonlights in a photo shop"? Heavens, don't
be ridiculous...


(actually, I'd love to, but I'm in NJ now.)

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q