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Re: RS2 Avant

reminiscence mode on...

it's made me think a little.  i stood on a roadside in 1985 and heard a group b
audi driven by michele mouton come past and took my first good motorsport
photo.  the sound was so incredible, and the image of the audis (particularly)
made such an impact that i though to myself "one day, i'm going to own one of
these cars".  it also introduced me to the world of motorsport photography
which has been a passionate hobby ever since...

i sold by peugeot gti in 1992 and bought a 1985 ur-q (10v) which i loved, but
started to get expensive (100k miles) so i traded it on the 1993 s2 in 1994. 
now the s2 was all that the ur-q wasn't but when offered the 1990 ur-q (20v)
last year, i had no hesitation because i missed the ur-quattro driving
experience.  and now i have an rs2, the last in the evolutionary line of the
turbo inline 5 which i first heard on song on a rally special stage...

reminiscence mode off...

actually, a small plug for new zealand here.  the cars might be expensive, but
you can get them, and the roads are superb for driving - especially in the
south island...

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q