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Re: quattro-digest V4 #614

Re: Mark Trank   fuel line recall
	I purchase an 87 5000 tq with 120,000 miles approximately 3
years ago.  The local dealer noticed that the fuel line recall work had 
not been completed, confirmed this thru the Audi computer network and
perfomed the work about 2 years ago.  The tell-tale sign on whether the 
recall work was performed is the the black plastic cover over the fuel
lines going from the injectors to the fuel distributor.  Supposedly,
there was a risk of line rupture and fuel being sprayed over a hot
engine and a possible spark ignition.  You can look at some of the
other comparable vintage audi and observe the plastic fuel cover.  I
sincerely doubt that their a time limitation on this recall for it
concerns a fire risk.   Hope this helps
	      George Kotjarapoglus   jkot@pitt.edu