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Re: A4000 CSQ fuel pump - how many??

STEve Dambrowski wrote:
> Car: 1986 Audi 4000 CS Quattro
> Miles: 130,000 +/-
> Problem: Fuel pump is starting to go (And the list continues to
>                 grow!)
> The fuel pump is starting to go, so I've been calling around to get
> prices. Half of the places ask if it's the internal or external.
> How many pumps does the car have? If it is *internal*, how the heck
> do you change it? (I assume it would be in the tank?)
> As long as it's the external, is the swap pretty straight forward?
>            Thanks.....
>                    STEve
> ----
> -steved@panix.com

  Its external and it is about 155.00us

   Marty S.  

  Change BOTH filters while you are at it!!!