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Re: Euro bumper supports


>Does anyone have or know where I can get the European style bumper
>supports for an 83 Coupe GT?  OR

>Does anyone have a trick to tucking the US bumpers in close to the body?

Hmmm... it would be pretty easy to fake a few Euro bumper mounts IMO. The
Euro bumpers consist of the following:
-two 'arms' that go into the chassis outriggers, and are fastened under the
 by two bolts on either side
-a steel 'U' profile that's the basis of the bumper
-the plastic cover

The ends of the bumper that go around the corners, are fixed to the body by

In a bad schematic:

 |            |    'arms'
================ steel beam
 plastic cover clips over this bit

There's an '83 Coupe in our local scrapyard that still has both its bumpers
(although the covers a bit damaged I think), and removal would be pretty
easy, but I guess shipping will be expensive, not to mention hard because
of the rather unfriendly dimensions.

>The boys want to Europeanize their coupe gt and de-americanize the
>bumpers.......we've done it on the old Capri using the Euro bumper
>supports as were on the 72 Capri, but don't know where to get such for
>the Audi.....any help would be appreciated.


Uncontrollable itches every time I read about sub-$1000 4KQs...

PS Yes, the rear reflector bit with the fog lights is still there, but the
dash with all switches and most wiring has gone. Interior is mostly shot.

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