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Re: A Volvo V70 wagon spotted...(4WD??)

> From: Nivi@aol.com
> Subject: A Volvo V70 wagon spotted...(4WD??)
> ...spotted a V70 wagon - is that the 4wd version? Or it just means wagon?
>Anyway, not too different from the 850 wagon....

The "V" stands for 'versatility' and is the designation for all of their
new wagons.  The AWD version is not out yet--will be available in July
'97 only with slushbox and light-duty turbo (190 bhp). For more info,
including detailed description of how Volvo's AWD system works, go to:


Choose 'News' in the destination box, and go to 'Press Releases' to find

Brent Lucas