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Coupe GT stuff

Owners of late '80 Coupe GT's, please be dears and help this poor boy 
with a few things.

1) When working on my Cruise problem I was referred to fuse #12 by the 
Book of Bentley in its troubleshooting procedures.  It states in the 
Book of Bentley (ch97. verse295) that I should expect to find a 5 amp 
fuse for an NG (2.3l) engine in slot #12.  The owner's manual, 
however, tells me I need a 15amp fuse in there (which is what I 
have).  Considering all the stuff that works off that fuse I have a 
feeling that the owner's manual is right but I wanted to ask the good 
Coupe owners of the list first.

2) What size windshield wipers do you guys have on your cars?  The 
previous owner had 20" wipers.  I went into the local Pep Boys to get 
replacements and the Bosch chart is telling me I need 21" blades.  
They seem kind of big but I wanted to check to see what you're using.



'87 Audi Coupe GT
still trying to put in that stupid reverse switch