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Re: Mad at me?

> Reply-to:      savidesn@audvid.win.net (Darin Nederhoff)
> To:            jwilliam@water.net
> Date:          Thu, 17 Apr 1997 18:21:59
> Subject:       Re: Mad at me?
> From:          savidesn@audvid.win.net (Darin Nederhoff)

> >Jon (how are you S4 owners feeling?  Any dizziness, nausea?) 
> Now that you mention it, I am dizzy after thinking how much our S4
> is than my Coupe Q!  Hmmmm... maybe I should get a lawyer!  Ummm..
> know the phone # for 60 Minutes?  ;)
> Darin
> Tres Quattros...  S4, V8Q, CQ 20V
> ;)

My new company offers a service which will remove any cars you don't 
want from your driveway.  I don't even charge that much!

'87 Audi Coupe GT
still trying to put in that stupid reverse switch