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Virginia City Hilclimb (was: Re: Exactly my concerns)

Steven Buchholz wrote:
> ... what do you mean by details?  I believe the event is scheduled for late
> June (maybe late July ...) and the event has been coordinated between QCUSA
> and the Ferrarri club for many years.  The Nevada Highway Patrol shuts down
> a nice road outside Virginia City for the weekend and the cars are allowed
> to attempt to set the record time from bottom to top....

OK, what I wanted to know was the price/benefit analysis, and maybe
an idea of what the costs might be.

It sounds like the costs would include 
	magnetic numbers for the side of the cars
	booklets/ binders/ mailings of rules, regulations
	rental of the street from Nevada
	hourly wages of overtime Nevada Highway Patrol (several)
	hourly rate for an EMT/Ambulance crew
	insurance for the organizers
	insurance to cover the track liability (Nevada in this case)
	preparation and repair of the course
	amortization of the equipment (timing & communication)
	signs, banners, handouts
	some profit to pay for running the Ferrari Club
	some profit to pay for the QCUSA club
	mineral water, cheese&crackers, gatorade, BBQ?

It sounds like the price/benefit analysis is
	It costs $385
	You get to drive real fast legally
	You are part of a "happening"
	You get to see Audi's beat Ferraris (yee ha)

If you cannot afford it:		you don't go
If you can afford it:
	price/benefit favorable		you go
	price/benefit unfavorable	you don't go