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Re: 5000 Turbo Quattro

Great vehicle and we 5 K series Q owners think they are great. These cars
will also do some great mileage numbers if cared for properly..

Make sure you check the :

1. Hydraulic power assist system this pentosin filled system works under
great pressure and hoses/fittings should be checked. Also check connections
to the power steering rack for this system.

2. Pump the brake pedal many times with the engine running this will help
tell you if the "accumulator" is work well. If the red brake signal comes on
then.....you are in for some repairs...

3. Check condition of all the suspension bushings of the rear wheel
suspension components these bushings are dealer only parts and "vulcanized"
rubber can wear over time resulting in some repair dollars. How have the
tires worn ? The rear suspension has camber adjustment tie rods which should
be looked at.

4. CV joints front and rear...and drive shaft including the carrier bearing
how do they look ? any driveline noises coming from the down below ?

5. Timing belt ? changed regularly ? how about water pump ? radiator hoses ?
upper return radiator hose connects to an aux. water pump if there are
problems then be careful because the turbo gets cooled down with this extra
pump after engine shutdown. The radiator can tender around the hose fitting
areas so check for leaks.....also check the little hose which goes in front
of the block to the turbo side of the engine...he cools the turbo.

6. How about the brakes.....even though the brakes can be easily done on this
car ... has the brake fluid been flushed and changed ? rotor condition ? pad
wear ?

7. Are you getting 1.2 to 1.3 on the factory gauge....(that means .2 or .3 of
boost) ?

8. Beware the aero lights on these cars are barely adequate so you may plan
on doing some lighting upgrades from bulbs to lenses to driving
lights....there are many ways to do it just check the archives.....

there is more but that should be a start....
E-mail direct if you need more info.....

90 90
Rob Carselle - Columbus, OH