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$5000 oil leaks? 1992 100S -Reply

Your mechanic apparently graduated from your school and is giving you "the
business."  How much oil will $5k buy?  Just say NO!

Regards, Gross Scruggs
Never mind world peace...just visualize using your turn signals!

>>> Debu Purohit <purohit@haas.berkeley.edu> 04/18/97 02:33pm >>>
I have a 1992 100S with about 59K miles.  Over the last few months, I've noticed
a few oil drops on the street around where
I park.  I mentioned that to my mechanic when I went for an  oil change.  This
guy changed the oil and noted that there must be a leak because it was wet back
there.  But after  changing the oil and running it for half an hour, they
couldn't see any leaks.

A week later I thought I'd try the dealer and took my car over.  They hoisted it
and 20 mintes later told me I had five leaks - valley pan,  intake manifold, 
valve cover gaskets, oil pump gasket-head gasket, oil pan gasket-flywheel seal. 
Estimated cost to repair was $5,000!

How come all these leaks were so obvious to the dealer but not to my mechanic? 
Any thoughts on all this?

Thanks very much.

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