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SF Bay Area (USA): NASA Autocross series

Apologies that it has taken nearly a week to get back to you on this ...

I went up to Candlestick/3Com park last Saturday to observe an event of 
the NASA autocross series.  I posted notice of this series in the past 
and was hoping that this might be a way for quattro fans to get together 
and have some fun tossing our cars around.  I had spoken with the event 
coordinator (Dennis Hale) over the phone, and it seemed like he was very 
open to seeing Audis out at the events.  

The good things are the fact that the events are pretty open, not that 
many folks present, so I'm thinking that there will be a good chance 
that there can be fun runs on top of the 4 timed runs that your $20 buys 
you.  My concern is that the course seemed pretty tight, especially 
considering many folks have 5000/100/200s.  I'm thinking that a 4k/Coupe/
80/90/CQ could be a lot of fun though.  Tomas and Derek were there as 
well, it would be interesting to hear their thoughts on the event as well.  
It seems like it isn't quite perfect for quattro events, but hey, if we 
do form a club and sponsor our own event we can have a little more say in 
how the course is laid out ... :)

I am planning to run the 4kQ at the next event, and I'd appreciate hearing 
back from local folks as to their thoughts, suggestions or further ques-
tions.  I'll be talking to Dennis again to see how courses are determined.

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)