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Re: horrible experience

>R. Wiratorn wrote:
>> ...They told me that Carlsson is for Mercedes,

>Absolutely right, so when you mounted the wheels they centered on
>the bolts instead of the hub like they are supposed to.
>You could have had a machine shop make four small spacers out
>of aluminum that have the Mercedes hub dimension as the outside
>diameter, and the Audi hub dimension 57.6mm as the inside diameter.
        The first dealer already did that when I came back to them. But
  As the front brake rotor of my S4 is something very weird ( inside
   caliper ? ), thought the spacer make that Carlsson fit, but the face of
   the wheel center cannot make a contact with the face of the brake rotor
>Now, as for the unscrupulous first dealer, aaarrrgghhh!!!
>He sold you something that didn't fit, he should take them
>back at full value.

        100% agree with you, but I have to get it, because I chose
        the buy them from them myself, the place I bought it is like car part
        market. Some products are used, the new one is also very cheap
        compare to other area. No technical knowledge from seller, just
        told you what he have and you pay him, that's all.  They can make 
        any wheel fitted to any car by heavily modifying the wheels, which
        is very dangerous.    The lesson is not to buy anything in that 
        cheap market again.

                                                        thanks a lot
                                                        for all the sympathy