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Power antenna on 1990 Quattro Coupe

Research on the list yielded a limited number of gems that helped define
my radio signal failure as probably the roof mount and mast, but little
confirmation was found in the Bentley manual which concentrated on the
80 and 90 models. The sedans have antenna strips in both the windshield
and back window, a condition not found on the coupe. With the key info
on a posting over a year old, the name Fuba proved to give Crutchfield
all the input needed. They had no antenna for the Audi Coupe which
didn't even exist on their list, but managed to find an apparent match
on two sporty VW models. The $75 got me the antenna in two days. The
release of the existing mount was possible without any harm to the head
liner thanks to the rear ceiling light which was conviently directly 
under the mount. The 17mm nut was a bit obstinate, but the new antenna
attached to the two connections, one for the signal and the other for 
the 12 volt boost - in all of 15 minutes. There are many complaints 
about the poor performance of the Blauplunt radio on the list. With this
Fuba antenna, I will state I am getting the most sensitive tuning I have
had on a radio in my 42 years of driving. It was well worth the search
of the list, and my thanks for sharing the info!
Bob Hutchins,  Madison CT