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RE: Prices for track events

Here's some more track comparison data.  I'm the Chief Steward for a time trials event at The Track at Stapleton (2.1 mile course on the runways of the former Stapleton International Airport, Denver, CO) to be held this May 10th.  The cost is $55 for each car, plus an additional $20 if you have a second driver.  What does that get you?  Two, possibly three, 20 minute sessions (passing permitted, but strict rules about it), plus 3 laps individually timed (4 cars on the track at once) in the afternoon.  We usually have time for a few fun laps near the end of the day for those who still have the stamina, brakes, and tires.  This is a well-organized event run twice a year for the last 4 years by the Z Car Club of Colorado (Nissan).  We invite anyone with a trackworthy car that will pass tech inspection to join us.  Last year, we had three members of the Rocky Mountain Quattro club join us (one had an S4 I'm still drooling over!), and we always have numerous Porsches, BMWs, a few American cars, and the occasional Ferrari or Viper (already have 3 Vipers registered for May 10th) along with 20 or so Zs.  Cars will be limited to 50, so everyone will get plenty of track time.

If interested in joining us, e-mail me for more information and/or a registration and tech form.

Gary Bracken
Denver, Colorado
(303) 969-9964
'87 4kcsq (162k)
'92 300ZX (28k)
'74 260 Z, V-8 conversion (84k)
'82 Datsun pickup (89k)