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Re: The QCUSA chorus...

Jeffrey recommends:
> Secondly, while I'm more than willing to take the lead on this quest, I
> won't be successful without everyone's support.  Frankly, I can
> rant-and-rave all I want (although that's really not my style...) but until
> the Board of Directors understands that I'm one of many and not just some
> lone crank from Arizona, they won't -- perhaps even shouldn't -- take me or
> my demands seriously.  The only way they're going to get the message that
> I'm not alone is if, in fact, I AM NOT ALONE!  It's easy to ignore one
> person but a bit more difficult to ignore fifty or a hundred ... if you have
> an opinion on this matter, pro or con, then write them a letter and let them
> know how you feel.  So long as I remain the only voice in the choir, it's
> going to be tough to make a lot of noise, however well I might be able to
> carry a tune myself!

Don't forget to cc: the Minnesota State Attorney General's Office as
well. I'm sure that when they receive, say 50 to 100 letters wanting
full financial disclosure from a not-for-profit organization within
their state, something _will_ happen.

Someone should look up and post the appropriate addresses.

Good luck (I'm currently off the list due to work load)

steve powers