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Re: Fwd: Audi hater....(dont get too mad)

At 08:45 AM 4/19/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Michael Williams wrote:
>> >  Yeah, they
>> >are good for driving in the snow, but as far as true high speed driving
>> >and racing...well they just aren't there.  How many Audi's do you see on
>> >the Autobahns?  Not as many as one like Mike would expect.  A vast
>> >majority of Audi's cannot handle the high speed driving encountered on the
>> >Autobahn. 

        Is this man nuts?!  I've personally had the experience of being in a
Audi that was doing 100 mph for five hours and it handled high speed all the
way.  This was in Alaska, where roads are far from perfect.  I'm sure an
Audi could handle extreme engine performance, but how many people do extreme
engine performance everyday on the road.  Bmws' certainly aren't crap
either, but I wouldn't say they're great either!!  Automobile magizine did a
year long test on the 540i and before the year was out they had to replace
the entire engine!!!  Porsches are nice, but they have their share of
problems.  Several car mags did year long tests on the new 911s, or 993s.
They had to put in 8 quarts of oil over the course of the year!!   I don't
this guy really looks at motor sport much!  I've read about several Porsches
that competed in hill climbs and other events that were not on pavement!
Lastly, Audi has my total respect for competing in Rallying.  I think it
shows people that their cars are tough and durable in all areas of the car.
The engine alone doesn't make the car.  Audis, unlike other cars, has shown
me that they are tough and rugged.  They can handle many things well, not
just a few things.  Just my opinion!

                                                Brian Mathison 
>Has this guy ever been to Germany?  On our 1995 trip to Switzerland,
>Austria, and
>Germany, our experience was that on the Autobahn, the left lane really
>belong to Audi, followed by BMW, and MB.  The Japanese, Ford, and Opel,
>stayed in the right lane.
>In Switzerland, the most popular car was VW, followed by Opel.